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Karen Sanchez
Extra Credit
SCM Tues-6PM
Article: Nike sets date to eliminate toxic chemicals from supply chain
This article was posted after disapprovals from environmental campaigners, as they were complaining about clothing brands such as Nike and its group. The campaigners complained about hazardous chemicals being disposed into Chinese rivers, these chemicals were used in the manufacturing process and released on the rivers afterwards. However, the clothing group, which includes the Nike, Cole Haan, Converse, Hurley, and Umbro brands, reacted to this disapproval and stated they will immediately work with their contract factories to prevent this matter.
Nike stated to work on this environmental issue within its supply chain and have an action plan in the next two months using their resources; the company also invited other companies to collaborate in this action plan in order to expand it. As a result they got a rival sport company to immediately react, Puma. After acknowledging this matter, Puma decided to also remove hazardous chemicals from the product making of their goods and promised to get this done by 2018.
In conclusion, Greenpeace wanted these very popular brands to create a toxic-free future and build a better environment, to stop using hazardous chemical to make their products and dispose them into Chinese rivers subsequently. In fact they got Puma to make a enormous modification in their manufacturing processes, they later stated they would go toxic-free, no more usage of hazardous chemical were going to be used in the making of their products, leaving their competitor shocked and probably wondering on how to top this decision.
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