Scope for Congress and the Supreme Court to Limit Powers of the President Essay

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To what extent can Congress and the Supreme Court limit the powers of the President?

The president of the United States is definitely a very power figure. But he is not as powerful as most of us would think. There are other powers that can stop the president from making several decisions such as the Supreme Court and Congress of the United States. This essay will tell about the role of president and the powers that are restricted by the Congress and the Supreme Court.

The president has a lot of rules such as he can nominate the judges of the Supreme Court, and makes sure the laws are suitable for all the Americans. He takes care of promoting America and keeping it safe. But some powers are restricted.

For a bill (law) to become real it needs to go through the House of the Representatives, it needs to have 2/3rd votes to go pass to the senate that also decides if it is suitable or not (2/3rd votes). If it goes pass the last stage is for president to sign it and bring it to life, but the president not always needs to agree if it’s right or not. He can then use the power of veto which is for the bill not to go through and for people in all of the congress (senate and HoR) to vote at it again. The reason the power of presidential veto is restricted is that if the bill goes through again it becomes a law and the president can’t do anything about it. But if the president does sign the bill the Supreme Court can stop the bill if they don’t think its right in any time. So one way or another the president can get stopped from making his decision. That’s one of the ways the congress and the Supreme Court are restricting presidential powers. But there are other powers that they are restricting as well.

The president has a right to promote America and if he wants to make an appointment with another countries president he can’t make it it’s the congress that decides when he can see them. Another thing is if the president promises something to another countries president it might not even happen because it’s the senate that decides if it’s right for America or not. This really is restricting the president from making the decisions and helping other countries. If the senate don’t think it benefits America the promise doesn’t go through.

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