Scorpius: A Short Story

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Scorpius never wanted to see me again. Or at least, I assumed he didn't, I hadn't stuck around to hear him tell me how he never wanted to be around me ever again because of my family. I hadn't given him the chance to corner me and tell me that he didn't want to see me again either. I could face the rejection as long as I never had to actually hear the words rejecting me.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he did want me to stay away from him, lots of people did after facing my family. No one really knew exactly how chaotic things were with us Weasley's until they'd managed to come on the inside.

Needless to say, I hadn't spoken to anyone in my family either. The one time I get really excited about a date, and they have to go and ruin it
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I just never realized how much of an inconvenience it was, I had to be in and out of the Great Hall before any of my cousins got there, I had to hole myself up in my room to avoid them in the common room. I couldn't even go to the library because I was afraid they'd corner me in some dark, quiet corner with no escape. Doing my homework was a nightmare because, although my roommates were great people, they never shut …show more content…
Which was nice most times because it meant there was always something to talk about, but NOT while I was trying to do Arithmancy. But it was either them or face my family, and well, I was really mad at my cousins. I'd done a really good job of avoiding them as well, until Lily showed up at my dorm door after dinner one day.

"Scorpius wants to talk to you, he's waiting outside the common room," Lily said in the most bored tone she could come up with. She wasn't even making eye contact with me, she was staring over my head.

"Well, I don't want to speak to him so tell him I'm not here," I snapped back, and I would've slammed the door in her face if she hadn't stuck her hand out to stop the door from closing.

"Rose you haven't spoken to him since your date a week ago, and personally I think he deserves some kind of explanation," Lily said.

"Why? So I can listen to him tell me that he doesn't want anything to do with me because of my family?" I snapped back, clenching a fistful of my school skirt in my right hand.

"Did he ever tell you he wanted you to stay away from him?" Lily asked, her hand still propping the door open.