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The State of California V. Scott Peterson

When a crime has occurred, it is our Criminal Justice System that determines the direction and outcome of bringing justice to the victims and the victims’ families. The disappearance of a loved one, often leads to a whirlwind of investigations and police work. This is the outcome that came from the disappearance and murder of Laci Peterson. Laci Peterson was Eight months pregnant when she was reported missing by her husband Scott Lee Peterson, from her home in Modesto, California on December 24, 2002. Modesto police began an investigation after suspecting foul play. (1) On January 24, 2003 Amber Frey comes forward and confirms she had a romantic relationship with Scott Peterson; Relationship, which Scott admits to have had. Frey became a key witness in the case against Peterson when she agreed to let the police tape their subsequent phone conversations in hopes of getting him to confess. On February 18, 2003, Authorities issue a search warrant of the Petersons’ home. Later, on March 6, 2003 Modesto police officially declared the case to be a Homicide. The bodies of a woman and male fetus washed ashore and were determined to be that of Laci Peterson and her unborn son. The court found that the District Attorney’s office did in fact have probable cause to arrest Scott Peterson. A Judge granted a warrant for Scotts’ arrest. In the arrest warrant it was specifically made clear by the Judge that no bail was to be granted. So far, we have learned that after a crime has been committed, and the police are summoned there is plenty of work put in to finding the suspect. Decisions can not be made without proper order. Our Criminal Justice System sees to it that all actions taken are legal, without violating anyone rights. So far, an investigation took place which led to an arrest. Search warrants and arrest warrants were obtained before the action took place. After a person is arrested they are booked into the system, then