Scott Pilgrim Movie Analysis Essay

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Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010) Film Sequence Analysis
Assignment 2

Subject: Introduction to Screen Analysis
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1. Introduction 3
2. Narrative Function 4
3. Mise-en-Scene 6
4. Cinematography 9
5. Editing 10
6. Sound 10
7. Conclusion 11
8. List of References 12

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010) is the action packed journey of a misguided young man desperately trying to navigate his own existence. In the film Scott must fight the conflictions within himself and the seven evil exes of his love interest. Based off the comic book series by Bryan Lee
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Setting; décor; props; costume; make-up: There are several settings that appear during the sequence including Scott’s dream space, his apartment, the library, the band practice room and the house of the party. As discussed previously the main purpose of the sequence is to establish Ramona’s character for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World which is carried out in the settings chosen. The purpose of the dream space, library and party scenes were to develop the love narrative and introduce Ramona’s character in seemingly coincidental or mysterious settings. The apartment and band practice settings were used similarly to further build on themes essential to the later plot and develop Scott’s character. Décor, props, costume and make-up don’t present themselves as initially significant for the sequence. They are used as predominately to add wholeness to each setting and are progressively altered as the story progresses. The décor is mostly typical to each setting of the sequence to emphasise a sense of realness which is intentionally contrasted later in the film as the fantastical action and love narratives develop in line with the live action comic book style. Props work in the same way by adding realistic wholeness to each setting including the guitars during band practice and drinks during the party but as the