Independent Learning Project

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Independent Learning Project
1. Students will be given a copy of the Common Core Standards for 10th grade in the following sections: ○ Reading: Informational Text
○ Writing
○ Speaking and Listening
2. Students will be asked to research a project/product for a topic of their choosing that could be done to meet one standard from each of the areas described in the standards.
3. Students will then write a proposal to their instructor with the following sections:
● Topic: Students explain, in the form of a well­developed paragraph, their interest in the topic and state why they would like to complete their project on this topic.
● Big Questions: Students will include a list of five implicit questions they hope to answer through their project.
● Project Proposal: After researching, students will outline, in detail, the project they will be completing for this assignment. Students will detail the length of the project as well as how they plan to spend their time working on the project for the course of this week.
○ For example:
■ Monday­Tuesday
● Research my big questions, and synthesize my findings into an outline with a works cited page.
■ Students should have proof of the work they have done on the project whether it be in physical form or evidenced by information stored elsewhere that can be presented to the instructor when he/she deems necessary.
■ Students should include two deadlines, one mid­way through the project and another at the end of the project. Students will receive a grade at both of these points. ● Common Core Standards: Students will write out the standards they are going to meet and explain how they plan to meet each with their projects.

● Rubric Development
○ Students will develop a rubric for their own projects.
○ Students should create a rubric that highlights every facet of their project, featuring what skills/concepts they hope to master in completing this project.
○ Students should include the skills demonstrated by their written and spoken elements of this project in two, separate rubrics.
■ Go back to the Common Core Standards and break down the objectives to fit the project at hand.
4. Students will submit this proposal to their instructor by Thursday, April 11th.
5. If a part of a student’s proposal is rejected, he/she has one day to amend the proposal to receive full credit. 6. After a student’s proposal has been accepted, he/she is expected to adhere to the schedule previously set forth in the proposal.
7. When the student’s first deadline is scheduled, he/she must show progress to the instructor, who will compare the work provided to the work the student said he/she would complete in the proposal.
8. Student will receive a grade for meeting all requirements previously set forth.
9. When the final project is due, students will submit their written portion of the assignment to the instructor. At this point, students will be scheduled to present their spoken part of their project to the class the following week.
● Should students miss their assigned presentation day without giving twenty­four hours notice to the instructor, their presentation score will be docked 25%.
10. Students finished projects are due Friday, April 19th.
● On this date, students will sit down in class with two copies of the rubric for their written portion of this project­­one for them and one for their instructor­­and grade themselves.
● Students will then be asked to provide written evidence to explain how they have demonstrated mastery­level understanding of each of the objectives they designated in their proposals.


Key Ideas and Details
∙ CCSS.ELA­Literacy.RI.9­10.1 Cite strong and thorough textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text.
∙ CCSS.ELA­Literacy.RI.9­10.2 Determine a central idea of a text and analyze its development over the course of the