Scout Character Analysis Essay

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Justin Joyce
Mrs. Glotfelty
English 9a

In the beginning of “To Kill a Mockingbird,” we are introduced Jean Louise “Scout” Finch. A fiery, rebellious little girl, who tries to fit in with the guys. Although her kin looks down upon her habits, she refuses to abandon her ways. The first few chapters for Scout are rough. Starting school, getting into fights, romping around her overalls, she was a stereotypical tomboy. Even though she knew she wasn’t being a proper lady, Scout didn’t care. It was her way or the high way, or so she thought. During the middle of the book, her brother (Jem) and best friend (Dill) abandoned her. With no one to play with and no boys to play with, Jean Louise starts spending more time with her servant (Calpurnia) and her neighbor (Miss Maudie). Scout doesn’t know but she starts becoming more lady-like each day, just by spending time with these two grown women. When Jem and Scout’s father (Atticus) gets a very hard case, their Aunt Alexandra comes to fill in their missing mother figure. At first, Jean Louise opposes her Aunt’s way of thinking, that girls should be brought up like proper ladies. It takes Scout a while, but towards the end of the story she realizes why she has to be a good little girl. After her father’s case, when the defendant was in jail waiting for a retrial, the defendant (Tom Robinson) tries to escape. During the escape, Tom was shot multiple times and killed. When Atticus heard the news, he pulled Aunt Alexandra,