Scrapbooking: Need and Pictures Essay

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“There are so many choices in supplies, so many possibilities for layouts, so many photos stuffed in boxes in your closet… Where do you start?” (Hanson). Scrapbooking can be a very fun creative hobby and also relaxing. It’s as simple as your supplies, what themes you’ll want to put together, how to be decorate the layouts and also what other things you can use besides pictures.
First you want to gather your supplies to start your scrapbook. Of course you’ll need your pictures; old, new, good, and bad. The scrapbook itself with blank sheets so you have the option of different layouts. You’ll need scissors; even be creative and use the ones that make different edges; glue or double sided tape, stickers, markers and or colored pencils, and even glitter. You can find these supplies at your normal hobby stores or at Walmart for an example.
When you finally decide on what pictures to use, remember to keep them in order of time/place/event. You might want to even label them with who is in the pictures, because you never know if you’ll forget who the people are. Match the events with the designs of paper and stickers. If you’re doing holiday pictures, put them on paper that have that particular holiday. If it’s a birthday, use paper with birthday balloons on it. If you’re at a basketball game and you want to put those pictures in your book, think about papers that have basketballs on it. The same goes for vacations/traveling, graduations, concerts and even your pets.
Try not to put too many pictures on one paper because you want your pictures to stand out. But don’t be scared to be creative with what you put together though. Remember to try to cut different edges around the main part of your picture using the silly scissors. Or even use the scissors to do a different design for the borders. . Sometimes it’s even a clever idea to use the actual tickets or clippings of the brochure from the event to put on the papers with the pictures. You’ll tape or glue the pictures on the papers in the scrapbook. Or even put them on the designed layouts outside of the scrapbook and then put that sheet on the blank paper in the scrapbook. You might want