Screwtape: Family and New Patient Essay examples

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Tyler McCauley
My Dear Wormwood, Even though you failed with your last patient, I have convinced the Father Below to give you another chance with a new patient. Your new patient is named Wayne Bauer. His from Detroit, Michigan and he is 17 years old. His family is not very supportive of him and he rarely attends church on Sundays and Saturdays. Wayne does pray every night before he goes to bed though. He should be very easy to tempt but so was your last patient and we both know what happened there. Wayne’s friends have a bad influence on him so they might be able to assist you in tempting him. The first thing you should tempt him with is drugs. His friends smoke a whole lot of weed almost every weekend. Some of his friends occasionally even do cocaine. If you have him focus too much on those two things, he will slowly be drawn away from the Enemy. Hopefully you can get him addicted to cocaine so he’ll start spending all of his time and money trying to get more. Once you have him addicted to it, he will start doing crazy things to get more which will cause him to get farther away from the Enemy. The second thing you should tempt him with is alcohol. His family has a lot of alcohol around the house. You can more than likely tempt him to take some for himself. His mom is never home so it should be easy for him to take it. If you can get him to drink every Friday and Saturday night, he will not say his prayers to the Enemy because he will be to under the influence to remember. You