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How does the notion of the ‘major event’ link to the construction of power?
The question ‘how does the notion of the major event link to the construction of power’ constitutes the question ‘how does the notion of the major event construct power’. This is particularly true in the example of Derrida’s interview on the 9/11 attacks. “‘9/11’ signifies monstrosity, incomparable violence, unspeakable horror and the inconceivable” (Gaon et al., 2008). This is as a result of the notion to the ‘major event’ and the way in which this constructs power. That is, ‘9/11’ is revealed to be an event, which signifies ‘monstrosity, incomparable violence, unspeakable horror and the inconceivable’ because the media presents it in this manner. The media’s presentation of this event in this manner makes it a ‘major event’. There are a few key words that must be addressed in terms of this process, these are ‘notion’, ‘major event’, ‘constructs’ and ‘power’. An understanding of the characteristics of a ‘major event’ is the most key to understanding the process. In the aftermath of 9/11, Derrida explained what he meant by the ‘major event’ in relation to the 9/11 attacks. interview on these attacks provides us with an example of how the process of the notion of the ‘major event’ constructing power works. In considering the process in terms of the interview, it is apparent that the media has constructed the power of the ‘major event’ through its notions towards it. 9/11 became a ‘major event’ because of the way in which the media addressed it.
The term ‘notion’, in relation to this process means the attention paid towards a certain event. Typically, this includes the media attention to an event. In this context, the ‘notion’ is the attention that was paid towards the 9/11 attacks. That is, the news reports, articles and other media-based attention concerning the event. The process makes it evident that the ‘notion’ has a relationship to the ‘major event’, ‘power’ and ‘construction’. The ‘notion’, essentially, ‘constructs’ the ‘power’ in this process. In relation to the ‘major event’, the ‘notion’ gives the event its power. Therefore, making it 'major'. That is, an event that has a large amount of importance. ‘Construction’ is the creation of something that did not previously exist. It can also be the expansion upon something that did already exist. In this context, the ‘construction’ refers to the establishment of power of a ‘major event’. ‘Construction’ relates to ‘power’ in this process, most strongly. It refers to the establishment and expansion of power that could not have existed without the notion towards the ‘major event’. It relates towards the ‘major event’, in that it discusses the establishment of something that gives the ‘major event’ more impact. The ‘power’ that is ‘constructed’ makes the major event ‘major’. Power is the impact of, focus given to, and ability to act as a result of, a particular event. In this context, ‘power’ is the impact, focus and ability to act as a result of the 9/11 attacks. A ‘major event’ needs ‘power’ for it to have a considerable impact. Alone, an event can construct its own ‘power’ but this ‘power’ is often negligible and does not hold an impact as lasting as it does when the media ‘constructs’ the ‘power’ through ‘notion’. An event is something that has happened. The 9/11 attacks themselves, without the media attention considered, are an event. That is, they are undeniably something that has happened. However, in terms of the 9/11 attacks, it is inadequate to discuss this event as being separate from the media attention given to it. A ‘major event’ is an event that has had a considerable amount of media attention paid towards it. 9/11 is a ‘major event’ as a result of the sheer scale and content of the attention paid towards it by the media.
“Tragically, Derrida points out that the death of thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people is not enough to make an event" (Costas, 2007).…