In What Ways Are Issues With Memory Impacting On Chris

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3. In what ways are issues with memory impacting on Chris ( either as a result of Chris`s own memory, and/0r the memory processes of other significant people in the enquiry?)

The traumatic brain injury caused by a workplace accident makes Chris suffered from memory loss problems. From the video, we can know Chris couldn`t remember a lot of things, such as he couldn`t remember how long have him been home from hospital and even forgot quite significant things, like Ana`s broken arm and used to agree with Kate won`t talk about TV in front of Ana. This upsets Kate a lot and that`s why she always used a quite emotional and impatient way to respond and correct or try to remind Chris`s memory of those happened things. We can see from the video, especially when Chris mentioned about ”NO TV” in front of Ana, Kate yelled at him.

From video of session(20:37)
Kat: “ Chris, why you said that to her?”
Chris: “No, what?”
Kat: “You know what we talked about TV”
Chris: “No! What?”
Kat: “Yes, we said we not used ‘no TV’ as bad thing for Anna. We talk! We agreed Yesterday! ”
Chris: “No..”
Kate: “We talked! We agreed yesterday ”
Chris: “….)I don`t remember talk TV”
Kate: “ Yes, Chris..(Ahi~) We talked very long time yesterday, but you agreed with me~ auh….Chris”

To Chris, the damage of memory already made himself very frustrated and pulsed kate`s impatience to him which could make him feel even worst. These factors are contributing to his feeling of inadequacy, and also frustration about the slow speed of his recovery. To Kate, this put on a lot of stress on her as well, because sometime she has to endure Chris`s temper which caused by the damage of memory and also at the mean time she has to look after her job and Ana. We can observe this from the video.

From video of session (07:00)
Kat: “She has many troubles in child place”
Intake worker: “Trouble?”
Kat: “ Yes, she had many fight with children.”
Intake worker: “That`s no good”
Kat: “Yes, and they asked me to go to a meeting, and I said Chris and I come..This last week..This happened and I said to Chris and he said yes…I tell you that morning Chris..And then I come home and Chris..he forget, you know..and he angry with me, he angry with Anna, because he forget, but you know he is a good man, he try really hard, but you know his not like this before, he always remember everything”

5.Which person ( of the other in this scenario ) is having the greatest impact on Chris`s behavior?
a. Why?
b. Where?
c. How?

Kat is having the greatest impact on Chris`s behavior.

a. Why?
Because of a life threatening accident happened to Chris, to this family, it is a huge disruptive event. Chris is in late 30-Early adulthood, according to Erikson`s theory he supposes in the stage of intimacy vs isolation, but other earlier crisis may have suddenly come up and become more significant for him because the crisis and reality is occurring with his family.

b. Where?
In the clinical setting, but I believe apart from there, in everyday life, she is continually having impact on Chris`s behavior. c. How?
Kat interrupts Chris and speaks for him. She doesn`t give him opportunity to speak, even though he wants to try. Every time when she sees Chris cannot express his meaning clearly or things that she doesn`t think Chris could remember, she would just speak up for him. By doing that, Chris lack