Script: Kilogram and Kinetic Energy Essay

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Hi you guys, as you guys know, I’m Jacob and this project is about the Kinetic Energy of a bullet of a rifle.
The Kinetic Energy’s measurement, Joule is a derived unit of the SI Units (International System Units)
The Formula is = 1 kg·m2/s2
So, a normal rifle’s for a 7.62 × 39 mm rifle would be a Winchester Improved, a bullet that is regularly used for hunting and in the formula, 1kg would be the force which it would travel. So, m2 is the meter squared the speed it would travel by and s2 is the second squared, the time it travels while it was still in motion. Therefore, that is the formula for finding the Kinetic Energy. So, a Winchester Improved bullet travels approximately at 35.17m2/s. So that would mean 1*1237m/s. This would be 1237 Joules. To expand on this question, I made another question asking about how much would a bullet travelling at 34.922 m/sec in a 2m thick agar gel. Now, an agar gel has the stalling energy (or known as opposite force) of approximately of 163N. So 2m of agar gel would be 2*163N. So 326J/M might do a lot in stalling the bullet, nevertheless, it is pretty fast with 1237 - 326, 911J/M.
So, science’s base is from math, which is omnipresent. Math is used and seen everywhere. Even in art, math is used, making every single detail possible for artists. Also, the buildings that we live in, the table that we work in is all mathematical, considering the fact that making this building, the WPGA school would be some hard geometry. The table