ScriptCenter, a 24/7 Prescription Pickup Kiosk Essay

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What is ScriptCenter?
ScriptCenter is a 24/7 prescription pickup kiosk that enables pharmacy customers to pick up and pay for their prescriptions without waiting in line and when the pharmacy is closed.

How does ScriptCenter work?
You order your prescriptions as usual. Pharmacy fills your prescriptions as usual then loads them into ScriptCenter. You can pick up and pay for your prescriptions at ScriptCenter … anytime.

Is it easy to pick up for my family?
Adding family members to your account is easy with One Touch Family Pickup.
1) Log in
2) Select "My Settings"
3) Select "Change who I pick up for"
4) Add family members to your account*
The next time you pick up your refills, any refills they have will automatically be in your cart!
* Enrollment Login ID and PIN are required for those over 12
Can I pick up my refills even when the pharmacy is closed?
YES. ScriptCenter offers you the convenience of picking up your prescriptions whenever the store is open.

Is there a charge for using ScriptCenter?
NO. ScriptCenter is an optional service free of charge to customers.

How do I pay for my prescriptions?
ScriptCenter accepts all major credit, debit and FSA cards.

What prescriptions can I pick up from ScriptCenter?
State regulations determine what prescriptions may go into ScriptCenter. Some states allow for all prescriptions and others allow for refills only. Check with your ScriptCenter pharmacy for more details on what prescriptions are eligible for ScriptCenter. Prescriptions that are oversized or require refrigeration are not eligible for ScriptCenter. If your prescription can’t be purchased from ScriptCenter, a slip will print directing you to pick up from the counter.

Is ScriptCenter in compliance with all patient privacy regulations?
YES. ScriptCenter is compliant with HIPAA and privacy policies.

What are some upcoming ScriptCenter features?
Email and Text notification – Coming Soon!
We will be adding the option to send you a notification when your items are ready for pickup at ScriptCenter.

Account Management – Coming Soon! will be adding the ability to log in and manage your ScriptCenter account settings.
ScriptCenter offers employees a faster way to drop off and pick up their prescriptions, even when the pharmacy is closed. First-time users undergo a simple one-time enrollment to create their unique ID and PIN. Following enrollment, ScriptCenter is as easy as an ATM. For those who seek a pharmacy consultation after hours, the receipt can include a phone number to reach a pharmacist at your facility.

Installing ScriptCenter in your hospital or healthcare facility allows you to provide prescription pick up services to your employees and/or out patient pharmacy patients 24/7. For those states that allow, ScriptCenter can be placed in common traffic areas to service patients quickly and safely around the clock. This is especially helpful for the employees working weekends or third-shift when the pharmacy is not typically open. By offering a convenient prescription pick up destination, you are sure to see an increase in employee prescriptions and subsequent decrease in your pharmacy benefit management (PBM) costs. * Capture more employee prescriptions * Reduce PBM costs * Increase hours without additional staff * Reduce pharmacy lines * Aggressive return on investment Not only does the reduction of the lines at the counter make prescription pickup more convenient for patients and pharmacy staff but it is especially convenient for second and third shift employees who no longer have to worry about whether or not the pharmacy is open. • Add a prescription convenience service for staff and patients. • Reduce the wait times that patients were spending in line. • Enhance marketing opportunities by utilizing the ScriptCenter screen and receipt.
• Improve pharmacy