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Networking Scripts: How to Request an Informational Interview

Connecting with alumni on LinkedIn:

Dear [first name],

I’m a current student at Hult on the Boston campus, and I saw that you graduated from Hult in [20XX]. I’d love to add you to my network on LinkedIn. Thank you!

[Your name]

Requesting an informational interview from alumni via email:

Dear [first name],

Greetings from a fellow Hultian! I was doing some research on Marketing Manager positions on LinkedIn, and I noticed you are a Marketing Manager at [company].

I’m on a mission to find my dream job and would love to ask you a few questions about your experience at [company]. Would you be available for a quick chat over coffee this Thursday at 10am? I’m also free anytime on Friday.

[Your name]

P.S. If you prefer, I’d be happy to send my questions over email. Thanks!

Requesting an informational interview via email when someone referred you:

Dear [first name],

I received your contact information from [name] as he/she thought you would be a great person for me to talk to as I explore the field of [name of field].

I’m currently a [MBA/MIB] student at Hult International Business School and I have two years of experience in [field]. I’ll graduate in August 2014, and I’m currently interested in the field of [field] because [specific reason].

I wanted to ask you if you would consider briefly meeting with me to discuss your career path and how you made the career decisions that lead you to [company]. I’m available next week on Wednesday between 12 and 3pm, or on Friday between 9am and 12pm.

Thank you for considering my request; I look forward to hearing from you.

[Your name]

Networking email example:
Dear Alice, My name is Rose Keating, and George Bergdorm referred me to you. He gave me your contact information, and thought you might be a great person for me to talk to as I explore the field of career management. I have a degree in Organizational Behavior, and after much self-assessment, I’ve decided to pursue working in the field of