Scrooge Character Analysis

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Scrooge before becoming the man he was at the beginning of the story he went through stages of his life. As a child he was lonely yet I do not think by that time he was his greedy self I think that came later on in the story in which he completely transformed to his character early on in the novel. He himself used to be poor when he was an apprentice for Mr. Fezziwig the thing is that Fezziwig seemed as an opposite he was nice and caring and was also lenient on people well as it seemed in the story. When Scrooge started his own business is when he was becoming his greedy self which is the exact opposite of what he seen when he was an apprentice. This also caused him to part ways with his fiancé since she did not like the man Scrooge was becoming he greed had exceeded the normal levels until it was just unbearable. Which is what leads me to think what must have changed him since when he was an apprentice he saw a good example? Maybe he saw something that he thought he could do better or he saw a better way of conducting business. He apart from everything else he was poor himself during those days did he not remember that hard ship he must have had during those days because I can imagine the things could have been easier. Yet maybe he thought process was that if he was able to make it out through the period in his life why other people could not do it. He probably thinks that since he did it they were just not working hard enough. The thing is that maybe without Mr. Fezziwigs help he would have never gotten to his the part of his life that he was in.


I think through the story Dickens is trying to send messages out about the Victorian society that he lives in that they do not treat the poor as they should. How they did not receive enough help and where not given and treated as normal human beings in their society. At the beginning you see an example of this when two men walk in and ask scrooge for a donation to help buy the poor a meal for Christmas and scrooge simply responds by saying what happened to the workhouses and the prisons. This simply shows that less fortunate people were not thought to be entitled to simple human rights and instead of somehow helping they were tossed aside as dead weight and were not helped. That is something that dickens did not like in his society and criticized it. Apart from all of that I think Dickens wanted and preferred attitude that was more sided for caring for other people and sharing your wealth because what’s the point of having so much money if you will not be able to enjoy it by sharing it with someone else or helping people and doing good things with your money. In my opinion that was what Dickens always wanted that instead of tossing poor people to the side give them a chance to improve their life just give them a chance to put themselves out there and make a living for themselves. Maybe this was dickens way of saying that some sort of reform must happen to change this aspect of society that he thought to be flawed.


I think that one literary element that was used in the story the Christmas carol juxtaposition at least in my opinion were comparing Scrooge at his current day to how he was in his past as the his attitude and that helps people understand how he has changed when compared to the older versions of himself such as when he was younger and was working for Mr. Fezziwig. Also if you were to look all of the three ghosts that went to visit Scrooge they all stood for something for example the ghost of Christmas past stood for showing him the past and how he used to be before he started his own business and just an overall comparison on how he used to be. The ghost of Christmas present shows how he is affecting the people around him and just the overall harm he causes to people such tiny Tim the hardships he was having his father go through to support his family through Christmas and put food on the table. Scrooge’s turkey that he gave to tiny tim’s family