Essay ‘Scrooges decision to change his way of life is purely selfish’ Do you agree?

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‘Scrooges decision to change his way of life is purely selfish’ Do you agree?

Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is a moral tale that depicts the protagonist’s Ebenezer Scrooge’s moral journey from selfishness to redemption. It can be seen that his new found way of life is derived from the desire to be a good man of the community and to assist others such as Tiny Tim. The idea of Scrooge’s transformation not being selfish can also be seen in his aspiration to contribute to the wider community that suffers from a poverty stricken way of life. In addition to this, Scrooge also reforms his way of life in order to feel love and care from family, which satisfied his nephew Fred aswell as himself. However, this selflessness is only to an
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The Ghost of Christmas Present illustrates a scene to Scrooge whereby he feels emotion watching his “niece play well upon the harp”, which reminds him of the happier times of his childhood. As Scrooge left the scene, the Ghosts “left his blessings and taught Scrooge his precepts”, which conveys that Scrooge’s decision to reclaim himself is due to the lessons he has learnt and in turn wishes to regain affiliation with and the affection of his family. In Stave Five, Scrooge becomes closer to Fred and was “at home in five minutes”, which presents the idea that Scrooge aims to provide himself and his family with warmth, compassion and happiness, therefore his redemption is not purely for his own needs.

On the contrary, to a minor degree, Scrooge redeeming his negative way of life may be seen as self-interested in order to escape a terminated or isolated death. In Stave Five Scrooge is presented with the possibility fo death which is the scene where he promises to change urgently. The “shrouded [figure] in a deep