Essay about Scuba Diving: How to Assemble Your Gear

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How to properly assemble your scuba diving gear and prepare for a safe and fun dive
The necessary steps to having a successful divng trip

Before we dive in, make sure you have the following equipment:
Thin hooded vest
Wetsuit accessories
Cylinder tank
Scuba regulators

Now that you have the essential equiptment, let's begin

1. Make sure that the cylinder tank is lying flat on the floor
(Warning: A cylinder tank standing upright has a chance of falling of over and inflicting injury)
2. Attach your snorkel on the left strap of your mask, using a snorkel keeper
The snorkel should stand tall, extending from the mouth piece, which should comfortably be placed in your mouth, to the dry valve, which should rise above your head, in order to expel water
3. Calculate the amount of weight you need to wear by asking a professional
4. Once you have determined how much weight you need, apply the weights on weightbelt by...
5. Disperse the weights on the weight belt, evenly
(You can have the weights distributed in the back, so that they lye comfotably against your lower back, or on your sides, above your hips)
6. Lift up the cylinder tank and have it stand upright
7. Carry the buoyancy compensator (BC) over the tank, and carefully set it down, having the tank goes through the straps on the BC
8. Make sure that the straps are securely wrapped around the tank; make adjustments if necessary
9. Remove the dusk cap off the scuba regulators
11. Screw on the scuba regultors and O-ring
(Not too tight and not too loosely)
The scuba regulators should fall to