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Before 1945 the pattern of migration was much different. Australia only encouraged the immigration of white Anglo-Saxons from Britain. This was known as the ‘White Australia Policy’, which was a non-written policy promoting the immigration of strictly Anglo-Saxons whilst keeping out or minimising other races. This was put in place due to fact that Australians were scared that a massive influx of Asians would erupt because their numbers were so great in comparison to the amount of land they lived on, that Australia was seen as a Utopia for the start of a new life. They promoted and advertised these Anglo-Saxons to come by bringing out campaigns like the ‘Bring out a Briton’ campaign and the ‘Nest-egg scheme’. The ‘Bring out a Briton’ campaign was used to bring workers into Australia. The government would provide assisted passages for the British workers who were guaranteed a job and accommodation when they arrived in Australia. This campaign was introduced ultimately to expand the Australian workforce, and to help the growth of the economy. The ‘Nest-egg scheme’ however, was aimed at bringing families to Australia to help the growth as a country. If a family had more than 500 pounds could apply for an assisted passage without being an ex-servicemen or being nominated throughout the ‘Bring out a Britain’ scheme. Australia tried to get as many people as they could to come. Both of these campaigns were launched in the 1950’s in an effort to further pursue the ‘White-Australia Policy’ which gradually faded away In the coming years after WWII and the 60’s when there was a massive influx of migrants from Asia and Europe when Australia realized it was either populate or perish.

The patterns of migration after WWII was changing significantly even though Australia still tried to push the White-Australia Policy for a few years after the war with the campaigns mentioned earlier – ‘Bring out a Briton’ campaign and the ‘Nest-egg scheme. Although Australia took in a massive amount of Southern-Europeans after the war, they were taken in solely on the fact that they were escapees from the war, with most of them being prisoners. They had no home and nowhere to go so they sought refuge in other countries and Australia gave them an opportunity, a second chance, to start a new life in Australia. A major racial group that immigrated into Australia at this time was the Italians:

It was a harsh country for Italian immigrants to work during the post World War 2 period. Mass migration ensued as a result of Prime Minister Menzies bold migration policy. During the period of 1951 to 1961, 170,000 Italians immigrated to Australia, mostly as unassisted immigrants. Italians packed ships with very little, followed relatives who had established themselves, many tried to make a living and send money back to their relatives suffering from severe poverty in post war Italy, or they simply wanted to create a new and better future for their families. Many came to Australia from Italy with little or no money, nothing but the clothes they were wearing and a suitcase. They came to Australia during the booming Australian economy; As a result, many Italians had been called to work as soon as they disembarked from the ships that brought them here.

During the huge influx of Italian immigration into Australia in the period of the late 1940’s to the 1960’s, while many Australians were welcoming of their new Italian visitors during this period, there were also many who were not. Assimilation was very difficult for the Italians. Also a large proportion of them had