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When confronted with questions of whether or not society has developed an unbiased attitude about gender roles or is there still room to improve; the answer that most people would probably find is that the topic at hand is up for debate. While society has come a long way in adapting to the equal rights of men and women, there is still work required in order to create women as equals. Work, like women going into battle or what kind of clothing is found appropriate for men and women. The roles of a man, or a woman inside the household may no longer be established; although, some would beg to differ. The military has opened up a new door for woman by allowing them to now be in battle zones. They have gone great lengths in an attempt to reshape their members into an equal opportunity work force. It wasn’t long ago that women were not allowed to join the armed forces; equality has made that possible. Since then, the military has continued to be flexible in granting equality, but not everyone will share the same view.
Kaminer, “There was no general hostility toward men in Oncale’s all-male workplace; there was, it seems, hostility towards men deemed to possess insufficient machismo” (162) Now imagine switching the rolls from male to female in Kaminer’s quote and picture a lone woman on the battlefield with a group of men; it is likely at some point that the woman will have to experience this kind of discrimination. Some people will still think of women as inferior and unable to endure the tasks required of them in a battle. Women may be seen as weak, emotionally unstable, or lacking a sufficient amount of “machismo”. Clothing is an ever-growing fashion that changes its appearance every so often. Looking back over the past twenty years; fashion among women has not varied a great deal. Clothing such as jeans, t-shirts, skirts dresses, etc. have maintained their appeal to women but it has also appealed to some men.
Men seem to have taken a more drastic turn. Perhaps it is that men are becoming more in touch with their feminine side. Recently it is not uncommon for a man to be found wearing pastel colors such as purple or pink, where in the past those colors were seen as a women’s color. There are also men that like wearing women’s pants for a skin tight leg appearance; this has become a trend for some males. Taking a look into the modern family home and distinguishing the changes that have occurred in recent history would probably shock a person from 1960. If you have ever examined an original box for the board game “Battleship” you may have noticed that the father and son are enjoying a leisurely game together