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Academic Year 2012/13

MA Design & Branding Strategy DM 5554
MA Design Strategy & Innovation DM 5554

Assessment methods which enable student to demonstrate the learning outcomes for the module:
Individual assignment: Report Module Credits: 15 Weighting: 70%

Strategic Design Management Assignment Two [CH: amended 01.10.12]

Structure, Procedures, Timing
Set Wednesday Week 8 – 21st November. Briefing 1000-1200 in EG Auditorium
Hard copy to be handed in Wednesday Week 11 – 12th December – at TPO [Post Graduate Taught Programmes Office] Reception Desk, Ground Floor, Michael Sterling Building by 1600 (4pm).

The Task
From the ten organisations set out below, please select ONE* and then carry out some research and describe what kind of Design Management structure and/or model they use, describe how design management fits within their organisation, no. of people, roles & responsibilities, relationships with other teams/departments and give at least one example how the organisation has benefitted from effective use of strategic design management. Also, if appropriate, what relationships they have with external design agencies and consultancies.
Choose from: Amazon, Amnesty International, HSBC, IKEA, Lenovo, LG, McDonalds, Manchester United Football Club, Orange, Virgin Atlantic.
* An organisation of your own choosing may be used if preferred.
The paper must not exceed 750 words and be accompanied by three visuals:
(1) An organisation diagram (2) A visual of the model (3) A ‘best practice’ example of their SDM achievement(s)

01: The research can be a combination of desk research and primary research, if/when contacting these organisations please remember they do not know about the assignment and be mindful of the Brunel brand and the