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Shakespearean Times

Tragedy Strikes noble man: Eyes plucked open

Inside Gloucester’s castle in Britain, it was found that, King Lear’s two own daughters schemed to pluck out a noble man’s eyes for helping his father. The noble man was known as Gloucester, one of King Lear’s loyal men who helped Lear to escape from his treacherous daughter since they wanted to kill him.
This tragedy occurred at night when Edmund, Gloucester’s bastard son revealed the truth about his father helping Lear to escape. Sources tell us that, couple of days before the incident,
Gloucester told his son, Edmund that there was a letter inside his room which states that, France is about to invade Britain to take over the anarchy from Lear’s two devious daughters but unfortunately,
Gloucester’s blind eyes lead this trauma to fall upon himself since he was helping the King to escape from his daughters. Gloucester was successful to help King Lear escape but he was not aware of what was about to hit is fate.

Once he arrived at his castle, Regan and Goneral anguished their anger towards him and as a punishment, he got both of his eyes plucked open and during this process Cornwall got injured because
Gloucester’s soldiers wasn’t able to take in the punishment they gave him making them to attack Cornwall, Regan’s husband who was plucking out Gloucester’s eyes but at the end Goneral killed the soldier.

After the punishment, the devious sisters