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Purpose: You will be given a mixture containing several liquids and solids. It will be your job to separate as many of the components as you can from each other. Your team must research and plan a procedure to separate the mixture and then conduct an experiment to see how well your plan worked. You will then provide me with a completed experiment write-up that includes all areas of our scientific method. Your team will then present your experiment to the class.
Hypothesis: The result will be that I can’t separate the mint tea and water. But I know that I can separate perfectly all the other mixtures.

Materials: Containers x4 Bowls x2 Spoons x3
Camera Scissors see through aluminum foil
Magnet computer small-medium sieve

Procedure: 1) Shake the bottle for 5-10 seconds. 2) Flip the bottle so the mouth piece is at the bottom. 3) Wait about 1 minute till all the oil rises. 4) With scissors I will cut the top of the bottle. 5) With a spoon I will take out all the oil that rose to the top. The oil that comes onto the spoon I will insert it into one of the containers. 6) Pour the bottle with a small-medium sized sieve. Under the sieve there will be a large bowl. 7) With a small magnet I will take out all the metal materials (metal curls and metal washers). 8) With the spoon I will take out all the stones and big plastic beads. 9) Then I will flip the sieve, push it down, and tap it so the other small beads can come down.
10) I will cut and poke a see through aluminum foil and under the aluminum foil there will be a bowl so when I pour the liquid if any sand goes down the aluminum will stop it.
11) I will pour the liquid.

Observations: What I saw is when I shook the bottle with the oil in the bottle the liquid was light. When I did my 5th step which was with a spoon I will take out all the oil that rose to the top. The liquid became lighter. When I first got the bottle and opened the lid it smelled like French vanilla. Then when I poured out all the oil and then poured out all the other solids and liquids through the see it smelled like coca cola. I think the reason is because we took out all the oil and sand which probably had a smell to it. What I also saw is that the sand didn’t follow the liquid when I poured it into the sieve. I think this happened because when light sand mixes with liquid(s) it turns into mud. When I poured the bottle into the sieve the rocks stayed at the top (mouth piece). I opened the top of the bottle and pushed down all the rocks with my index finger. The reason is because the size of the rocks. When you shake the bottle it sounds like maracas. The reason is because the rocks hit the bottle and then it makes a noise.
1) No everything didn’t go as planned because I wanted to separate the distilled water and mint tea but I couldn’t. The textures of both are the same but the mint tea is just green. At one part I had to flip the sieve and press it down and push it and tap it so most of the plastic beads come down. The beads got stuck between the holes of the sieve. For the oil I wanted to squeeze it into a sponge but I couldn’t because all the other liquids will insert into the sponge. Another adjustment is I thought my mom would do the dishes but I did. 2) From the liquids the oil was the easiest. The oil was the easiest because it was yellow and slimy. The oil would always rise to the top and you can also see it rise to the top. It was so different than all the other liquids. Out of the solids the metal curls and metal washers were the easiest. They were the easiest because I just needed a magnet and the magnet would do its job which is holding all the metal items.
The hardest liquid was the water. The mint tea is just took away the colour of the water because the mint tea is green.