Sea Of Pink Speech Essay

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In 2007, two senior students by the name of David Shepard and Travis Price in Nova Scotia witnessed an incident in which a freshman was being bullied for wearing a pink shirt during the first day of school. When these two students took the liberty to stand up against something they felt was wrong, something they felt should not be tolerated, the news of their courage spread like wildfire across the world. After ordering and disturbing 50 pink shirts, these individuals not only stood up to this cruel act of social alienation, they made it clear that there would be no tolerance for bullying in their school and nor is there ever any justification for it. These two seniors didn’t have to do anything, but feeling that this is their school and community, it became their responsibility too. They showed that it just takes one voice, one act of decency of extending your hand to a peer in need to make a difference. We here are proof of that. High school is a pivotal journey of trying new things and making new friends. No one should feel alone, scared, or judged for still trying to figure out who they are. Bullying is an issue that affects each and every one of us. One out of four children will be bullied during their adolescence. Most of the time it continues after the first incident in which nothing is done; calling for the statistic that shows a whopping 71% of students that are bullied, keep being bullied because nothing is done about it. Bullying can change a person’s life forever; it almost always impacts an individual’s mental health. After 2010, suicide rates due to bullying increased to more than 50%. It becomes a problem that seems to have