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personal view of frankenstein
Mary shelly relates her own personal life to her book Frankenstein. When Mary was young her mother had passed away, in the story victors mother was very loving and caring and loved him and Elizabeth so much. Mary had a deathly miscarriage and could not have any children of her own so in her book she emphasizes the loving mother that victors mother was she took care of victor and Elizabeth, Loved them very much, Gave them basically anything they ever needed or wanted , And took care of Elizabeth when she was deathly ill. Many of doctors told her to stay away from Elizabeth because she would soon get ill also. Elizabeth got better and her mother had gotten ill, this was the consequence of her love and affection for her child. I feel Mary wanted to get the point of a mothers love, that she would take care of her child even if it meant dying herself. A lot of Marys life was put into this story she got it across in her story and no one notices a lot of the time. Like I said in the first paragraph marys mother died when she was young and it just so happens that victors mother died when he also was young. I think she portrayed victors mother the way she did because that’s how she wanted her mother to be. Mary made victors mother loving and caring and able to give him and Elizabeth everything. Marys mother died shortly after she was born so she never got the chance to meet her mother or even know her, she puts all the things that she ever wanted in a mother into victors mom. when her mother died it probably had a dramatic effect on her family. in frankenstein their mothers death took a great tole on the family and took away the person who probably loved them more than herself. Mary shelly portrays the creature in the story as a child. He was seeking acceptance from his creator (victor). just like victor was when he told his father he was studying science."'When I looked around I saw and heard of none like me. Was I, the, a monster, a blot upon the earth from which all men fled and whom all men disowned?'" Chapter 13, pg. 105 The creature was portrayed as a child because he couldn't talk, read ,or even understand what people were saying to him. Just like a child the creature had progressively learned how to do all of those things. He learned from watching people and he soon had gotten very smart, using normal language and being able to read. The creature had even got so smart that he figured out that people were afraid of him and on some level he knew why victor didn't want him. He knew victor didn't want him because he wasn't good looking and he looked like a monster but he wasn't he was the creature victor created