Essay about SeaWorld’s Argument Against BlackFish

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SeaWorld’s Argument Against BlackFish The website for SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment is speaking towards anyone that has seen the documentary BlackFish, or anyone who thinks that SeaWorld is abusing or mistreating the orcas or other animals by keeping them in captivity. They also attract the corporate side of SeaWorld as a business. The website gives information about what the business does to give back to the community, how their animals are treated and shows their credibility to draw in customers. The tab titled “The truth about Blackfish” states multiple points about how the producers of the documentary were lying about their facts or over exaggerating to appeal to multiple viewers. The purpose is to fight back against …show more content…
The final appeal made in the website is the use of pathos. This appeal has to do entirely on the emotion and sentimental response towards what the authors had to say in the website. Under the tab, “How We Care” on the website, SeaWorld mastered this particular appeal by all the examples of how they give back to the community around them whether its the rescue of ill, orphaned, and injured animals; funding and other forms of support for research, or their philanthropic focus on children, education, and the environment. This aspect of their business and website will attract those who care about those corporations that give back to the community. Through this appeal of pathos, they adequately prove the statements made in BlackFish false by showing that they don’t only care about the money or their profits on the animals or the workers, but also about how what they do affects the community around them. The website had a personal story of one of the trainers that was pictured in the documentary who was said to have been asked to jump directly on an orca for training during one of her first days on the job. She states in a video interview, which was posted on the website, that she had been working there for years before she actually was asked to have contact with the marine animal. This form of ethos is effective by showing that individual’s