Essay on Sealed Air Taiwan Case Analysis

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Case Summary:

The central issue Sealed Air Taiwan is currently facing is how to determine if the newly hired, Paul Huang, can produce the necessary sales results and whether he fits the mold for his position as sales manager. Historically, Sealed Air Taiwan was struggling with both stagnant sales and high operating costs. The branch was not adapting well to the Sealed Air’s established business model and there were even talks of shutting the branch down. Bob Kayser was brought in to turn things around and quickly realized that the problem this branch was facing was a cultural divide between Taiwanese beliefs and the current United States business model. After training and extensive work improving the sales team, Kayser was
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Having Huang be well versed in sales policy and able to provide detailed instructions will help him become an effective leader. Huang did understand that much of his job meant being in the field with his representatives but he also understood the importance of having background information to help his sales team address any problems that could arise. He is a hard worker and is willing to do both the necessary background research as well as put time into the field. He is not just an employee who only wants to do what is written on his job description; he is willing to do what he feels is necessary to be successful.

Not giving Huang a chance at this position would be another cultural mistake on Seal Air’s part. Steinkle and others are basing their assessment on a few days worth of misunderstandings. They are not taking the time to see the situation through a Taiwanese employee’s eyes but are just contorting to their own cultural beliefs about what a good leader looks like. Huang posses all of the necessary attributes of what is needed out of a leader, especially in an Asian culture. If Sealed Air still does not think he fits the mold of a sales manager they could request that he take a few leadership or motivational classes. Without the classes Huang would be an appropriate leader but with the classes Huang could be more like Nick Pacak and become an