Searching For Information Technology Positions

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Searching for Information Technology Positions

Submitted By: Jerica Gulley
Prepared For: Professor Cyntria Bouknight-Lyons
Date: April 13, 1014

Jerica Gulley
Professor Cyntria Bouknight-Lyons
13 April 2014
Searching for Information Technology Positions
Information Technology as a whole can be defined as “the technology involving the development, maintenance, and use of computer systems, software, and networks for the processing and distribution of data (Webster).” The field of Information Technology is forever changing, it is a field that does not necessarily require applicants to have a four year degree. Information Technology is a field that would prefer one to have more knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs). Potential job applicants can gain the required KSAs from higher education, but a large portion of positions offered in the Information Technology field requires experience. Experience is an aspect that cannot be taught at any higher educational institution, but is something that is gained through ones hands on approach with Information Technology. Fortunately, Information Technology is a field that allows new college graduates to seek positions that are entry level, where they can gain experience. Since the invention of the first computer the Information Technology is a field that has a steady increase in employment.
With the creation of the Information Technology it allows communication between businesses anywhere in the world. To make sure systems are running up to par it takes a large workforce. Information Technology is one of the few fields that was not affected by the recession from 2007 to 2009, the field continued to produce a high number of positions with an equally high salary (Csorny). With businesses opting in to purchase expensive computer systems Information Technology employment has rose quickly. Employment in the Information Technology industry has successfully grown by thirty seven percent since 2003 (Csorny). During the recession ranging from December 2007 to June 2009 the Information Technology field only relinquished its workforce by one percent (Csorny). With the end of the recession the Information Technology field not only recovered, but it gained more of its workforce. The Information Technology field grows rapidly, increasing by 4.6 percent each year. The increase in growth of the Information Technology field is due to more complex computer systems and networks by businesses. Not only does the Information Technology field tailor to businesses, it is expected to provide additional output and growth over the next ten years (Csorny).
With the increase in businesses and end users continuing to use computer it will continue to cause the Information Technology field to prosper. With the creation of cloud computing the Information Technology field is expected to grow substantially in the next few years (Csorny). With the increase in companies deciding to use cloud computing, it may cause those who work as network administrators and computer support specialist to see declines in employment (Csorny).
To achieve success in the Information Technology field one has to show that they are capable to do the work and that they know what they are doing. Through certifications potential applicants for Information Technology positions are able to show how they went above and beyond the degree. There are many certifications, but throughout every position for Information Technology there are a few certifications that are a requirement in order to be considered for the position. With certification it allows employees to see that applicants are able to their job, and know how to apply the knowledge to the position they are inquiring about. Certifications do not require a college degree, and they have a cost ranging from $125 dollars up to $1750 dollars (Wenzel). There are many certifications that can be obtained in the Information Technology field, but some you