Sears Company Analysis Essay

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I. Executive Summary
Sears began as a small retailer but as the years have gone by, they have become the second largest retailer of the national chains. In the environmental analysis you will discover that Sears' marketing toward women differentiated them from their competitor's and increased their sales as well as their market share. They have had many social/cultural problems that they have had to overcome, such as problems with stakeholders. There has also been a change in the company culture that has improved the mood within the company. In the SWOT analysis, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats will be discussed. These would include employees, competition, global marketing, and the repercussions that
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They have a very good benefits package including profit sharing and a tuition reimbursement plan. The only complaint that I saw from all the material that I have read was that there was limited exposure to marketing functions and also that they had low wages in some of their positions.

III. SWOT Analysis-Sears

Sears has been through many highs and lows over the years. They have also made many adjustments and have had to modify their strategies and goals. Having been in business for over a hundred years, they have had to change with the times. Recently 5

Sears has gone through another restructuring phase resulting in a new set of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Sears has many strengths. The first and most important of which is their employees. Sears seems to try hard to keep their employees happy by providing a progressive atmosphere and the employees in turn are giving Sears loyal, hardworking employees. Sears also has strength in its name. People know the Sears name and they know what they can expect when they go into their stores. They also have hundreds of stores in a lot of major malls in America so their name gets a lot of visibility. The New York Stock Exchange web site also says, "The Sears Home Services business commands the leading market share in all three segments of the home services industry (product services, service contracts,