Sears Holdings Corporation and Denial Class Discussion Essay

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Denial Class Discussion Questions – I would suggest that you develop notes for these.

1. What is denial and what problems does it lead to?

Denial is how we pay attention to everything today; we are constantly making unconscious choice about what to notice, and not to notice. It means when something happened and the person lies to cover up or used to escape from the truth, According to the book, Denial is the unconscious calculus that if an unpleasant reality were true, it would be too terrible, so therefore it cannot be true. Denial today is all around us, if we ignore the obvious at a certain moment because we simply don’t want to confront it, it might lead to more problems. The longer we ignore it the more serious it
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In addition, Sears had a very good return policy, which attracted huge group of customers, if one item did not work, you could return it, and if you were in other location, you could return the item to the Sears’s store in that location even though it might not be the store that your originally purchased at.

7. What role did talent or lack thereof play in denial at Sears? What does “beware the monument” mean?

When Sears lost its viable competitor, Ward, it viewed itself as having no competition ignored Kmart and Wal-Mart’s developments in the market. When the sales and profits increased tremendously from 1962 to 1973, Sears’s arrogance arises, as it viewed its only competitor is itself and its executives would tell each other. This caused Sears fell so far off the pace when Sears would not admit for the longest time that Wal-Mart and Kmart were its real competitors. Beware the Monument means that if the meaning of the statue was not clear enough, he had inscribed on the pedestal that he was such a big shot that “ye Mighty” were reduced to despairing at his magnificence. For example, when Gordon Metcalf became CEO of Sears in 1967, he believed that “being a largest retailer in the world should have the largest headquarters in the world.” And Sears built the world’s tallest building, the 110-story Sears