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Driving Test

As I was driving with my mom to the D.M.V, that's when the pressure hit me! Every possible situation started to appear in my mind. What if I hit a cone, or get pulled over by a cop? Then we pulled into the parking lot and we parked, that is when I told myself to get serious and it was game time. My mom and I arrived to the Department of Motor Vehicles at twelve o'clock in the afternoon. During that time I felt anxious but nervous, so I took a deep breath and told myself that I was capable of passing the test. Before I calmly walked into the building, I quickly studied the oh-so famous "3 point parking". Then my mom asked me "so do you think you can do it"? I answered back very unsurely with a slight stutter "yes". While my mon was filling out some paper work, I tried loosening myself up a bit by joking around with my mom. After my mom was finished, we searched for seats. The building was crowded with people. Finding a seat was like finding a needle in a hay stack. Once we found seats, we started to converse about all the different scenarios that could happen and what would be the effects of them. A few minutes had passed by and I saw this girl on the corner of my eye shouting on the phone celebrating and I remember whispering "I pray to god that is me is me after the test". Then my number was called. My mom and I slowly took our time walking to the worker's desk and then she appointed us to another lady, which was my instructor that was going to be grading me for the test. Then she instructed me to meet her by the three point parking and for my mom to stay seated inside the building. Right after that moment she commanded for my mom to stay, is when the butterflies creeped up on me. I have never felt so nervous, agonized, and independent all at the same time before. While she was testing the controls of the car, I thought to myself it's finally happening. I was