Essay on Seattle, Washington Speech Outline

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1. Audience: Fellow peers in COMM 2050-004
2. Interactional Goal: To inform my peers about the city of Seattle while keeping them attentive and interactive.
3. Delivery:
a. Strengths: eye contact, speaking loud and clear
b. Weaknesses: talking to fast, nerves
4. Speech Outline:
a. Introduction: Last year I decided to move to Seattle, WA for school and completely fell in love with the city. There are so many aspects of the city that I love!
a.i. Narration or audience poll: Has anyone ever been to Seattle?
a.ii. Thesis: While spending almost a full year in Seattle I learned a lot about the Northwest’s weather, people, food, and many other things and that is what I want to talk to you about today
b. Body:
b.i. Point 1: Location & Weather
b.i.1. Northwest, 1,300 miles from Denver, few hours from Canada
b.i.2. Humid, rain, cloudy all the time, no snow, not as cold
b.ii. Transition: Being close to Canada and right on the coast allows people of many different cultures to make the city its home.
b.iii. Point 2: People & Food
b.iii.1. Very mixed, Asians, whites, African American, Middle east, because of the school
b.iii.2. Seafood, a lot of food with Asian origins, sushi, pho, different Mexican food
b.iv. Transition: A lot of different aspects bring the people to the city from the large amount of entertainment to the many company headquarters
b.v. Point 3: Entertainment & Company HQ
b.v.1. Entertainment: Downtown, lots of live entertainment, many entertainers