Seaworld Research Paper

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Have you ever wondered how the place that's known for the orca show treats the orcas? I believe that the way they treat this animal is horrific.The amazing place called”Seaworld”has faced many lawsuits due to orca injuries.They ignore all the facts.I believe that the orcas should not live at sea world because they live better in the wild,the way they they are captured is terrible,and there living conditions are terrible.
The first reason is,In the wild orcas re free to do whatever they want when they want.These very smart creatures swimming around with their happy family.In the wild they would never hurt a human they actually are very nice!According to the very inspiring documentary Blackfish the orca lives longer in the ocean than in sea world.As
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Finally,The orcas are now held in captivity at Seaworld. In Seaworld the spend much of their lives being forced to train and work .Also they spend ⅔ of their life in a dark water facility where orcas attack each other and wake up with scratches and blood all over them. The orcas basically sleep in a floating prison cell! They also don't get feed enough. The orcas are starving they basically only get feed if they do a fancy