SEC280 Juan Garcia Week1 Case Study Essay

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Week1 Case Study (Ping Sweeps & Port Scans)

Good morning after doing some research I was able to find the following information in regards to ping sweeping. Ping sweep is a network management method that finds which of a range of addresses is in use on the network. It takes its name from the utility ping, although the standard does not provide the necessary functionality for automated ping sweep.
Although it is a very simple program, table provides a method to hackers to flood a computer with requests. The ping sweep has the potential to bring down an entire network. As it is intended that IP addresses are accessible through the Internet, any computer with an IP address is open to contact. Firewalls (firewalls) avoid contact input for most computers on a network, but a ping request cannot carry any virus so usually miss. Repeated requests automated, sometimes generated from multiple computers at the same time, fill the network and make it unavailable to legitimate traffic.
When you do a "ping sweep" sends an Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) repeating the request to a range of Internet Protocol (IP) to determine whether the host computers of those addresses have network connectivity. While a ping sweep is a useful troubleshooting tool in an enterprise network, malicious users can also use it to flood and incapacitate networks. Therefore, many network administrators and even home users aware of security are protected from such attacks by blocking incoming repeated requests (pings) from sources outside their networks. For the home user, the best way to accomplish this is through Windows Firewall.
My second research I found was information in regards to port scanning.

After doing research on both if these possible threats, I believe that network we currently manage is well protected. All