Assignment 2: Building Blocks

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Assignment Two 1

Jeff Powell
Monday, July 29, 2013
MGMT 260

Individual Assignment 2 - Building Blocks

Key resources are the assets a company holds that creates value for the target customer.
The key resources for the mobile spa idea to work would come down to highly qualified employees, state of the art trucks, a superb mobile development team and well organized management team.
Everyone initially hired to work on our mobile spa’s must have certain criteria pertaining to the level of certification to work on clients. This will provide an optimum experience as well as high customer satisfaction for our target customers. After initial launch it is within the realm of possibilities to provide our own extensive training program to hire new employees without the training to broaden our reach for people we can hire. Another key resource will be the brand new, state of the art trucks. These trucks will be outfitted with high quality massage equipment, noise cancellation (for city ambience) technology and comfortable interior. This will provide the ultimate relaxation for clients who are onthe-go. The mobile spa will also include a dedicated mobile development team that will design and optimize our own app. This app will allows our target customers to check local areas, schedule appointments and manage their own profile at the ease of their phone. The Development team will provide a smooth, well designed cloud based app and manage the servers necessary to handle our customer load. Finally, our well organized management team will provide two services. First, the management team will be allocated to a few trucks in a close proximity to handle any issues the trucks have and to manage any customer related issues. They will be trained to handle any questions customers have about any of the services we offer. Secondly, They will do the background managerial work of payroll, scheduling, monthly reports, etc. Our key resources will allow us to provide excellent customer service at the same time high quality relaxation services.

Key activities are the most important activities for a business to stay true to their original proposition or value proposition. The mobile spa idea solves the problem of finding time in the day to relax for a short while when a particular person is on-the-go. It gives many people the ability to take a 30 minute relaxation break (in various different techniques) between shifts or on the way to their next engagement. In turn this allows the customer to feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle more work through out the day. Technology is important to this idea as it is the primary way for customers to interact with our business. As previously mentioned an app containing everything needed is a primary key activity for interacting with the customer. It will be simple to use and contain their own personal profile which they can manage their future treatments, determine what treatments tried in the past, determine which truck offers what service, communicate with a customer specialist in case of questions, pay bill, etc. This allows the customer to have their own personal manager and feel more connected with our company. This is a premium service and thus premium prices will be used.
It is in consideration to add a monthly plan for regular users that find themselves using our service often. As advertising is a key activity it is our plan to utilize social media and magazine articles as our primary forms of advertising. This is a high quality service and as such should be recognized in premier magazines. The payment for our services will be effortlessly for customers. There will two ways for customers to pay for there services. First, they will be able to pay directly on the truck

Assignment Two 2

(primarily for spontaneous use). Second, the app designed for the mobile spa business will have the ability to pay right from the phone (usually for regulars). What is also useful for the app is that we