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Persuasive Essay On December 15, 1791 the second amendment, The right to bare arms, was adopted along with the rest of the Bill of Rights. We hear politicians talk about their strong commitment to the second amendment. Some people even say that the second amendment was past so that we can hunt. Hunting is a legitimate purpose for fire arms,but I believe the primary purpose for the second amendment was for self-defense. A couple months ago In Cleveland Ohio, a lady was leaving her house to take her kids to soccer practice. As she was leaving the house, Three guys walked up on her and told her to go back into the house as they held a gun to her head. Little did they know, Her fiancee was in the home too. The fiancee heard them, grabbed his gun, ran downstairs and shot the intruders. This story can be viewed in 2 different ways. You can look at the second amendment as a good way because if the womens fiancee did not have a gun to protect his family the intruders probably would have killed them. There would have been nothing they could possibly have done to stop them. The second amendment basically saved their lives. It can also be viewed in a bad way too. If the second amendment was not passed the men would not have been able to carry a gun, therefor, the men would probably not have come to the Cleveland home in the first place. Everyone would have been safe and no gun would have been involved. In my opinion, I think that the second amendment is a good thing. I think America should be able to protect themselves from anything that is trying to harm them. Imagine if you were walking in the woods one day and a big 10ft bear started chasing you. You cant Run, your