Second Grade Writing Fourth Quarter 2012 Essay

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Second Grade—Writing a Friendly Letter that Explains
Suggested for Fourth Quarter

Teacher note*: Currently the second grade writing application standard includes only two genres: autobiographical narrative, and friendly letter. For this reason the friendly letter genre is repeated both second and fourth quarter. In order to increase the rigor, we have focused this friendly letter on providing an explanation. This prepares students for the first quarter 3rd grade expository paragraph. It also anticipates the common core standards, which include explanatory writing at second grade. Additionally, it is suggested that the friendly letter template not be used for this assessment.

Writing Application Standard 2.3
2W1.0 Writing Strategies Students write clear and coherent sentences and paragraphs that develop a central idea. Their writing shows they consider the audience and purpose. Students progress through the stages of the writing process (e.g., prewriting, drafting, revising, editing successive versions). Using the writing strategies of grade two outlined in Writing Standard 1.0, students:
2W2.2 Writing Applications
Write a friendly letter complete with the date, salutation, body, closing, and signature.

Sample friendly letter
April, 23, 2012

Dear Family,

Today in math I learned about multiplication. Did you know that multiplication is a fast way to add? For example, if you had 3 sets of 5 you can multiply can multiply 3 x 5 and come up with 15. Sometimes you draw pictures to solve multiplication problems. Today I drew 2 rows of 6 cookies which equals 12 cookies in all. I can’t wait to show you how I multiply!
Your daughter, Maria

Resources: The following HMR resources to support your instruction.
Houghton Mifflin Connection; Theme 3, Reading Writing Workshop p 264-265

Internet resources
Link to power point for friendly letter Link to computer “friendly letter” electronic template Initial Instruction for writing a formal letter (prerequisite skills to be taught before beginning teach and practice) -Letter writing is not addressed in the Step Up to Writing 2nd Edition. The 3rd Edition does cover letter writing see pages 388-389.
In order to write a friendly letter, students will need to be able to:
Identify the five parts of a letter: heading, greeting, body, closing, signature.
Write the date.
Write and punctuate a greeting with a comma.
Use a personal voice that sounds as if you are talking.
Include a closing and a printed signature punctuated and capitalized appropriately.
Layout all parts of the letter correctly: Date (Heading), Greeting (Salutation), Body, Closing, and Signature.

Initial Instruction for Explanatory Writing Select from the following Step Up to Writing resources to provide your students directed lessons on the foundational skills needed to be successful with this assessment.
Appropriate organization Organizing with Abbreviations 2-8, Expository Paragraphs SUTW 2-4**
Topic Sentence Power Statements 2-24, The List Statement 2-30
Transitions Transitions for Key Ideas 2-39
Explain and Give Examples Explain, Explain, Explain 2-46
Conclusions Tips for Writing Conclusions 2-49
See attached Differentiation Guide
ELL: Preview vocabulary and sentence structure: Prior to introducing the practice prompts preview the possible vocabulary that will be needed in a small group with students. You may want to include pictures to support student understanding. Other strategies include picture dictionaries and the GLAD Cognitive Content Dictionary.

Teach Practice Sequence #1: Use the following teaching sequence as a guideline. This lesson may be broken into several smaller lessons taught on consecutive days.

1. Introduce the following guided writing prompt

Suggested Guided Prompt #1:
Friendly Letter
What I Have Learned in 2nd Grade Write a friendly letter to