Second Great Awakening Research Paper

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What is the Second Great Awakening?
The Great Awakening is a period of religious emerging and alteration. It was a continuation of the American colonies cleaned religious revival led by the evangelical Protestant minister. The Great Awakening was triggered by a tour of the English evangelical minister named George Whitefield. The First Great Awakening began in 1725 and continued up to 1750. The Second Great Awakening begins in the early 1800s. The Great Awakening was a religious revival in the 1700s and it was the message by the reduced role to play in the daily lives of the American colonies. Set in motion a series of religious revival, also known as the great interest they awake Protestant churches and pastors for the spiritual well-being of the church. Religious, social and political forces are surrounding the impact of political changes. To use the basics of religion Great Awakening: Restore the faith of the church members - hence the term 'revival' and the 'revival', Import for social reform, the purpose of the Awakening – Evangelism. One of the effects of the Great Awakening was a passionate argument between Protestants. "Old Light" La rejects some Protestants, and allows a new Great Awakening movement and
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Many early American religious traditions of Calvinism emphasize the deep depravity of human thought and they can be saved by the grace of God. New conduction movement, however, is placed a significant emphasis on the human ability to further change their conditions. Personal choice and two won by suggesting that salvation is open to all human beings by emphasizing that they can claim the "free will" The Second Great Awakening had accepted more optimistic view of the human condition. Repeat this for decades and has helped revive various protestant countries, the United States is much deeper than had before (Religious Transformation and the Second Great Awakening,