Essay on Second Hand Smoking

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When I first started smoking I didn’t know how serious secondhand smoking was. I thought I was just hurting myself, now that I’ve been smoking for some years it’s hard to stop. No I haven’t been smoking as long as most people considering I’m going to be turning 20 in July. As I was reading an article from the University of Nebraska Lincoln, I found even more stuff that I didn’t know. I know it causes a lot of deaths, but wasn’t certain how many a year because it’s not really something you care about. As a smoker I didn’t know there were as many chemicals as 4,000 in the smoke of a cigarette (University of Nebraska Lincoln). You just don’t realize it; I started smoking to fit in with my friends. I also grew up in a house with my parents smoking, out of three children- I am the only one who picked the unhealthy habit up.
What can you do to reduce your and your family’s exposure to secondhand smoke and the resulting health risks? * Do not allow smoking in your home. * Secondhand smoke is a major health risk, especially to children. It is a health risk that is preventable. Although you can take measures to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke, such as increasing ventilation, opening windows, or using exhaust fans, nothing is as effective as simply not smoking in the home. (University of Nebraska Lincoln)
We are about to move into a new house and it has been established that we are not smoking in the house, it you can’t cooperate then I will no longer be living with