Second Industrial Revolution Essay

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2nd Industrial Revolution by:mustafa aljundi In every country there is always a country with an issue that raises reactions from different types of people. People usually have a positive or negative reaction to any kind of change. Like the people of Great Britain there were poets, health reformers, and visitors from other countries that had negative reactions to the revolution. On the other hand historians, actresses, and government workers thought that the revolution was revolutionary. One of the reactions was positive. The person that started us off with positive reactions was a historian from doc 3. He saw that the revolution made great improvements to lives of the people affected by the revolution, saying that they were being better fed, better housed, and better clothed. The upper class were also affected positively by the revolution like the actress from doc 4 who was able to travel a lot faster on her train. And of course the government men in Manchester would make their city sound very good especially if they want to be recognized by the royal charter (doc 9). If one of the reactions was positive that means that the other reaction is negative. In doc 2 the poets were often inspired by nature. So naturally they were completely against the revolution because the factories were completely ruining the view of nature. The visitor from France concluded that the revolution had turned the Brits into savages. (doc 5) The health reformer in this situation would have