Second Opium War and Open Door Policy Essay

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Why does Britain want the Tea-Opium Trade: Because The British East India Company was making profits by exchanging opium for tea in China the had a dependency for it.. The British were buying tea from the Chinese in an amount greater in value than the cotton and opium they were selling to the Chinese. The Britains wanted their tea but the Chinese wanted to ban the sale of opium they wanted an end to opium importation making it illegal because it was very addictive and was being used other than for medication. The British were losing silver. Rather than reduce their consumption of tea to save their silver they saw remedy in an increase in the sale of opium.
Opium Wars- the british aimed to force china to buy opium and the wars started because the chinese authorities tried to stop the trade of opium and the excuted the chinese drug dealers because the opium was becoming for addictive and the british was making hugh profits and causing china economy to become disruptive because they were spending so much money in silver to get the drug.The advised the Britains to stop the trade but they refused. This is what started the war.
Treaty o Ninjing- this was The agreement that ended the Opium War in 1842.through the treaty of Nanjing forced China to allow trade and to turn over the island of Hong Kong to the british and also allow the bristsh to receive a huge payment for loses in the war.china had to also open 5 ports to foreign trande and grant brtish citizens the right to live under their laws and tried in their courts.
Taiping Rebellion: This rebellion happened because the people were angry that Manchu had weakened China. this was caused by the widespread corruption and tax evation by the rich and an extravagant imperial court caused proverty and misery amongst the not so fortunate peploe of Qing. This made the peasants of qing rebel. This was how the less fortunate people got back at the rich and the corrupted government for causing the Qing Dynasty to suffer. During this time a lot of people died over 20 million Chinese and the qing dynasty was almost destroyed. The loyal governors stepped in and put a stop to the rebellion. The government survived but it had to share powers with regional commanders.
Empress Cixi-She controlled the qing dynasty she ruledchina and was said to be very evil.
Self strengthening movement-is when reformers used western technology to build factories to make weapons. They developed shipyards railroads mining and light industry. It didn’t make much progress because the government wasn’t behind it.
Spheres of influence-area around the port city where a certain country had certain trading routes
Boxer Rebellion-Name of the rebellion in 1900 the "Righteous and Harmonious Fists" that wanted…