Second Presidential Debate (2012) Essay

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Obama Vs. Romney

Earlier last week we watched the presidential debates of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. To me, my personal favorite was Barack Obama. I chose him as my favorite because what his stands for sounds better to me, and the fact that Obama told off Romney and called him out on the ‘five point plan’, saying that he only had a ‘one point plan, to keep the rich, rich and make the poor, poorer. Obama gave great points in the college employment/unemployment, saying that he was going to build on five million in manufacturing across the country, give the kids the best education possible because this is America and we only deserve the best. Also, he wants to build energy sources and reduce deficit. Now Romney on the other hand said that he knows what it takes to get this economy up and running again with his ‘five-point plan’ but as we all expected, he didn’t explain how. Part of Romney’s five-point plan was to give tax breaks. I believe that he wants to give tax breaks to the rich rather than the middle or lower-class because I agree with Obama when he said that his five-point plan was actually a one-point plan, to keep the rich, rich and the poor, poor. Obama on the other hand wants to give the middle-class relief and build on small businesses and cut the taxes while the wealthy pay more. There are plenty of immigrants here in America; there are those who wish to just end immigration in general like Mitt Romney, and just get rid of the green card, also wants