Secret Identity Essay examples

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It was the middle of the night as (y/n) was being chased. "DON'T LET HER GET AWAY!" she heard a police officer say as three other police officers ran after her. And they had a good reason to, she was the suspect of 'the missing maids' case. She killed over 50 maids in less than 4 months. Her reason behind it was never explained.

She kept running and running, her (h/c) hair shining under each street light she went by. (y/n) looked back and noticed the police officers were quite far behind her. Eventually, she turned into an alley and noticed a few barrels. She quickly hid in one of them until the police officers ran past her. She lifted the lid from the barrel and carefully stepped out when no one was looking.

She knew she had to disguise herself in some way. She looked down the alley and saw a sign that said "Barber Shop". She gave herself a smirk, she had an idea. She was going to disguise as a boy.

(y/n) sneaked around to the back of the shop and went through the back door. She opened the door only a crack to see if there was anyone around. Fortunately, no one was there. She opened the door quickly and quietly as she looked around for what she needed, scissors. She finally found some in a cabinet. She took them and behind her was a mirror. She walked over to the mirror and took a deep breath as she looked at her hair.

She slowly raised the scissors to a group of hair and snipped it. She watched as it fell to the floor. She kept snipping it off and making it shorter and shorter. When was done she brushed it out and looked at her hair. It looked quite good. She took the scissors with her just in case she needed to cut her hair again. As (y/n) sneaks out the back door again, she trips over her dress and it rips. She realizes she can't be disguised as a boy if she's wearing a dress. So she decides to go look for a clothing shop for pants and a shirt. As (y/n) walks down the alley she hears voices ahead. She quickly looks around and hides behind a bick stack of boxes. She looks through a space between the boxes and sees three police officers talking. "We have to find her before she murders anymore victims. That girl cannot get away with this." "If we find her again, my first move will be taking her head off." "Now, now don't get too violent." "Why not? She's already sentenced to death." (Y/n)'s heart beat got louder and louder by the second. As the police officers were out of sight, she got out from behind the boxes and ran the opposite direction of where the officers went as fast as she could. When she got out of the alley and was under a street lamp, she looked around her and immediately recognized where she was. She then remembered there was a clothing store about 2 blocks away. She began walking down the road when she suddenly felt a drop on her head. "Oh lovely.." She