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Changing to a better person is as hard and tiring as finding life in the universe, but it is out there. In The Secret Life Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. Set in 1964 South Carolina, about a 14 year old girl named Lily Owens. This girls is coming of age through predicaments loss and betrayal. She is haunted by the inconclusive death of her mother. She is isolated and lonely with a troubled relationship with her abusive father. Lily escapes with Rosaline an African American who is lily’s caregiver and closest friend. She does this to find the truth about her mother by visiting Tiburon where she meets the knowledgeable Boatwright sisters. Where she finds peace and happiness in beekeeping. Lily's Owens character go through a series of experiences which develops her personality.
Lily is called to adventure and is lucky accept. She doesn’t accepts in the way that most people would but she accepts in the way of getting an opportunity and being adventurous and frustrated with her father. Which leads her to this calling. One part was when she leave town to save Rosaline from the hospital and later death. This is lily being bold and brave to leave this life to find another. When she is really reluctant to be accepted on this adventure is when the Boatwright’s let them stay with them this gives them the sanctuary and isolation from the racial remarks and treatment to Rosaline but not lily. June was unhappy because “[Lily’s] white” (Kidd 87). This is the new home owners letting in a white person which they lack. The final adventure is learning to work with honey bees which bring lily to peace and happiness. She is extremely lucky in this case because she gets to be around things she loves which are the bees and the Boatwright.
Lily entered a dangerous world as fast as technology improves. Which people have to accept and learn to use. Just like how Lily’s character crosses a threshold into a new and more dangerous world where she has to adapt and mature to cope with the new experience. He does this in many different ways such a verbally, physically, and mentally. He treats her bad by verbally say mean things such as when he suddenly out comes, “the truth is [her] mother ran off and left [her]” (Kidd 39) and never came back for her. This changed lily because for once she said no that snot true you are just trying to scare me. This shows that lily now sees her father as a scary person making her start to learn that maybe she should leave him. She for once learns that she should not listen to everything her father says which allows her to start to question many unresolved thought such as her mother and leaving home. Another time was when T-ray forget and ignores the fact that it is lily's birthday which makes her get down. But latter Rosaline brings her to happiness so this makes lily start to get closer to Rosaline so that now she is willing to take Rosaline to safety because she is the only one who is nice to lily and she would help keep her loved ones near unlike T-Ray. Lastly he physically hurts her. For example when she had to “kneel on