Secret life o bees essay

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“Most people don’t have any idea about all the complicated life going on inside a hive. Bees have a secret life we don’t know anything about.”

I choose this qoute due to its significe throuought the story. It shows how the world is a hive and depics a bee as a human, it shows that people are much more complicated then appear on the surface. For example lilly, her secret life is comprised of her first lie wich ironicly she tells to august. when her and august originaly met she told august that she and Rosaleen have headed to a relatives house nearby, because her father has died in a tractor accident. She specifically claims that they are headed to Virginia to be with her aunt Bernie. But Lily knows that August can see straight 110 through her tale. Lily learns from this how the queen bee leads a key role in maintaining the hive. She also makes an emotional conection to how the queen bee lays all of the eggs and how she is the mom of thousands of others in the hive. This is special to lily do to the fact that she has lost her mother, this sounds as sweet as honey. Another thing that is a secret is the fact that she is secretly a fugitive as her "acomplice" rosaleen. Lily is also trying to keep on the down low about being a white girl finding safe haven with a family of black women in Sylvan, South Carolina. Throught the book we will learn alot about lily and her friends and familys secrets.

August apears to be an open book within the storyline ; as is Zach,May