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Eng 080
Describe how and why a character changes in your story.
George and Lennie are migrant workers trying to find jobs as farmers. One of their dreams is to buy a farm, but first they have to save money. George is a short man, and Lennie is very tall and strong with big muscles. They become friends and coworkers. Lennie has a mental disability that allows him to be somewhat functional, but still dependent on someone else’s care. George becomes his caretaker, but he complains that his life would be much less complicated if he didn’t have to take care of Lennie. Following their dream to buy a farm they made a plan to find a job and to save money to buy a farm. Their plan when they arrived at the farm and spoke to the owner to ask for jobs was for Lennie not to speak during the interview so that his disability would not be showcased. This action proves that George took ownership of Lennie’s disability and wants to help him in any way he can. On the farm later on, Lennie loves to touch soft hair and he was touching a woman’s hair and he accidently kills her. But before that Geroge told Lennie if anything went wrong he should go hide by the river and he did. George finds him and he kills him. Geroge’s character changed in the story from being a care taker to be a killer because he could not take it anymore. Lennie was doing a lot of wrong things and George’s way of resolving everything is to kill him. George was having difficulty in the beginning dealing with Lennie and thinks that if he did not have Lennie life would be less complicated, but by the end the only solution he sees fit is killing Lennie.

Pick a character from your book that you admire and thoroughly explain why.
I admire this character because George is trying to get a job on a farm. He has a sense of responsibility for Lennie. George’s character is devoted and protective towards Lennie; he does not want anything to happen to Lennie, for example in the novel, when George has to talk for him to get a job. The owner of the farm kept asking what is wrong with him, why is he not responding to my questions. George had to explain that Lennie was kicked in the head when he was