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This report was commissioned to examine the valuable tool in decision-making process. The research draws attention to Media Indonesia that has been a remarkable newspaper brand for over half of a century. By being one of a leading newspaper brand in Indonesia, Media Indonesia faces different obstacles in order to maintain and develop their reputation. Hence, the need of an effective and efficient marketing strategy is necessary.
Firstly, because there are many readers of Media Indonesia demanding for Media Indonesia as they need the newspaper for their daily use, this will be crucial to take care of each and every demand of each consumers of Media Indonesia. Thus, what marketer could do is to divide them into several segments considering that it allows marketers to know the similarities and differences among many customers. It can be done by doing psychographic and demographic approach for Media Indonesia. Afterwards, targeting is reached, from now on marketers can focus on what is the most profitable and achievable segment of Media Indonesia. Finally, marketers strive to influence the creation of the image of Media Indonesia in their readers' mind and the marketers have to make sure that the image is always going to be positive in which could be called as Positioning. Thereafter when segmenting is done, marketers have to learn about the behavior of Media Indonesia readers'. There are both internal and external factors that can affect consumer behavior towards the brand. From the internal factors point of view, consumers are usually influenced by their motivation of buying the product, their learning against the product not concerning the potential buyer is going to buy the product or not and if they buy or don’t buy, what is the reason behind it. On the other hand, externally consumers are influenced by the surroundings (other people). In this case, for some people, marketers didn’t dominate a lot in this kind of surroundings because commonly the consumers' family and friends are those who are trusted by them. Additionally, there is also culture in which marketers cant control but they can select or use as an advantage to promote and advertise Media Indonesia and they can control the endorsement for Media Indonesia using celebrity or public figure and convincing writings. The report evaluates this range and concludes that it would be an ideal way to meet the challenge presented by the market and could satisfy the readers' demand.


Media Indonesia is national newspaper based in Jakarta, Indonesia since 19th January 1970. Report says Media Indonesia is the second largest newspaper in Indonesia after the Kompas daily. Initially, Media Indonesia consists of four pages and the number of copies are published is still limited. The first office of Media Indonesia is located at Jalan Letnan Jenderal MT Haryono, Jakarta and the name of institution that issued is Yayasan Warta Indonesia.

In 1976, Media Indonesia has developed their newspaper into eight pages. Moreover in the same year, Media Indonesia also has SIUPP(a business license issuance of the press). Eleven year later, the founder of Media Indonesia, Teuku Yousli Shah cooperated with Surya Paloh, a former leader of Surat Kabar Prioritas and from the cooperation, there was born Media Indonesia with the new management under PT Citra Media Nusa Purnama. Surya Paloh worked as the managing director while Teuku Yousli served as a public leader. In addition, the office of Media Indonesia is also moved to Jalan Gondangdia Lama No.46, Jakarta.
In the early of 1993, Media Indonesia has started to operate in Kompleks Delta Kedoya, Jalan Pilar Mas Raya, West Jakarta until now. Besides, the changes in leadership in Media Indonesia both in editorial and business occur over time. Furthermore, with the tagline 'Jujur Bersuara', Media Indonesia continues to provide the actual and accurate news to meet the needs of information