Section 20, Industrial Relations Act 1967 Protects Workmen in Malaysia from Unfair Dismissal. to What Extent Do You Agree? Support Your Arguments with Relevant Recent Cases. Essay

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HBH324N Managing Workplace Relations
Sem 1, 2013

Individual Essay

Question 8
Section 20, Industrial Relations Act 1967 protects workmen in Malaysia from unfair dismissal. To what extent do you agree? Support your arguments with relevant recent cases.

Wilson Ung Yu Siong

Lecturer & Tutor: Dr. Balakrishnan Muniapan

This paper will be offering an overview of rights of an employee while encountering unfair dismissal by the company within the Context of Malaysian Industrial relations. Unfair dismissal cases are strongly supported by Section 20 of Industrial Act 1967 that protects the workmen in Malaysia. Throughout this report, there will be a deep analysis on the Section 20 of
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(7) Save as provided in subsection (6), a workman or employer shall not be represented by an advocate, adviser, consultant or by any other person whatsoever.
(8) For the purpose of carrying out his functions under this section the Director General -
• (a) shall have the power to direct either party to furnish to him, within such period as may be specified in that direction, such information as he may consider necessary or relevant; and
• (b) may, if he deems it necessary of expedient, direct any person engaged in or connected directly or indirectly with the dismissals to attend a conference to be presided over by the Director General or such person as he may appoint at such time and place as may be specified in the direction.
Rights of a Workman in Malaysia

A workman is an individual whom is hired for wages and salaries to perform works and