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Task 1: Firewall is software or hardware based network security system to protect between your computer network and the internet. Hardware firewalls are best suited to business and large networks, whereas Software firewalls are best suited for home use. Hardware firewalls is a small metal box so one could hook up to a computer network just like if you were to add a printer etc. Software firewalls gives you a level of protections from hackers and unwanted intrusions. Software firewalls packages has anti
Spam, antivirus, even anti-popup ads. There are also parental controls to manage what or certain websites your minor can visit.
Barracuda Firewall is the newest Hardware. It has email, web, and network security. Barracuda provides intrusion prevention, virus scanning, content filtering, and reporting. Barracuda Firewall is perfect fit for small and medium sized businesses.
Zone Alarm protect your PC from viruses and spyware, also has internet firewall, internet browser security and theft prevention, and email virus scan. This is example of a software firewall, great for home use.
Task 2: AVG, and Panda offer Free anti-virus programs to protect your computer. Norton McAfee, Kaspersky offer trial run versions for a number of months then thereafter one could purchase the anti-virus program.
Trojan horse programs is a type of file converters, but also it could install harmful programs such as spyware and rootkits. Malicious email attachments are a way for a sender to transmit files to another email user, in other words its junk mail. Email users regularly receive unsolicited emails from unknown senders. These emails can often contain links to malicious websites or have attachments containing malicious software. Drive by downloads could mean two things a person authorized but without understanding the consequences or any downloads that happens without a person knowledge.
Task 3: Full backup are backed up every time you use the files or folders on the drive. A disadvantage to this would take up more time and require more disks or drive space. Incremental backup provide backup of files that have changed or new since the last backup. Similar to full backup, but only if the same file set to perform a incremental backup will backup if there are any changes. Backup time is faster than full backup and you can keep several versions of the same files on different backup sets. A disadvantage is you must have all of the incremental backup sets available. Differential backup provides backup of files that have changed since a full backup was performed. Differential backup only saves files that are different or new since the last full backup. Differential