Security: Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Administration Essay

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Data Security and Privacy

In recent years, data security and privacy has become more important than ever. As Firefox contributors discussed before, government agencies such as the National Security Administration (NSA) and the Central Intelligence agency (CIA) are trying harder every day to be able to access American citizens’ data at their own leisure. Security Engineers have discussed the possible effects of this situation on the viewing public. One area that is currently receiving attention is Internet chat sites such as Facebook® and Twitter®. As even a small infraction on either of those websites, government agencies are being adamant about checking and snooping around your personal data. Government agencies have consistently tried to pry into our personal information, and this situation is something we have learned to accept as normal. Consider how much a part of our landscape the following situations are. An Information Technologist creates an application that allows people to save personal information on a folder with password protection and encryption. A programmer creates a website where you must authenticate yourself in order to view the information that he or she provides. A security engineer creates a hard drive that locks its’ self and erases its information once detached from the computer. Where these so-called examples are forms of security, government agencies trying to find a way to be able to access that information without authentication is…