Security Guard and Hotel Essay

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The Front of House section is one of the most significant places in a hospitality establishment. It contains customer service, training staff. When a customer enters to an any hospitality establishment at first they would get the impression from the look of the front desk, the way of staff sitting front desk and by the interior design of front of house like lighting, designing, coloring, ambience, material used over there etc.. When I enter to the Mercure hotel first I saw the reception staff of this hotel is fully trained and they attended me properly and professionally. The receptionist talk to me politely with smiling face and a good body language either I wasn’t there for book a room. The front house environment looks very tidy and the hotel management was keen to kept newspapers and magazines for customer s who waits in the lounge besides the reception.
Overall the front of house area is the only place in a hotel that opens for the public and should have a good ambience to give a fabulous impression for the guests.
Reception is the main area that attracts the guests when they enter to the hotel. The reception staff is well trained and educated .They have a very good knowledge to attract the customers using polite and professional behaviour. Also the staff should have a good telephone manner to communicate with the customers who call to get information about the hotel. Also they should have good sales skills.
The hotel should provide an excellent service to its guests until it reaches to customer satisfaction. That will help to increase the hotel’s profits as the guests would tempt to come to the hotel once again as well as it will increase the hotel’s popularity.

First impression:
The first impression is the most important factor. It will decide the customer will check in to the hotel or not. Front of house section is responsible to give a customers a fantastic first impression and make them attract to the hotel.

The Process of Security in Front Office Area.
The front office is a hotel’s communication center; it is the vital link between the hotel management and the guest. When a guest calls for assistance because of fire, illness, theft, or any other emergency, it is usually the front office that must respond. The staff on duty at the front office cannot leave and resolve the emergency because they must continue to provide communication services and process financial transactions. The security department staff must react with speed and efficiency to serve the guest.
The security department is often regarded as a passive department, reacting only when called on. In reality, it is a very active department, setting policies, organizing programs, and delivering training programs to promote guest and employee safety.
The Security process is dividing two ways. 1. Security of the guest and employee.
Need to check the identity of the guest and keep the true documentation about the guest. The receptionist need to keep the daily records of the guest .When hire the employees for the hotel, employees must attend the interview process and need to be a trusted worker of the hotel. 2. Security of the property and the facilities of the hotel. Some of the security measures taken by hotels, for the secure of hotel environment.
Key Card Locks:
While key card locks on guest rooms are quickly becoming the standard, some hotels still don't take advantage of the added safety provided to guests.
Guest room locking systems these days include punch and magnetic key cards which have locks with flash memory and other productivity linked functions.
Security Guards:
The hotel management can use trained security guards working 24-hours every day to provide the best in safety and security for the guests.
Defibrillation Units:
A life saving device in case of heart attacks, defibrillation units are starting to be deployed among police and emergency personnel across…